Welcome to the World of 3D

3D technology is rapidly making the transition from the movie theater market, to the explosive home market. With the large amount of 3D movies coming to theaters, electronic companies are scrambling to introduce the blockbuster success to the home. This surge is creating a race to bring affordable and practical options to the general public. New technologies are being explored that will offer 3D options without the need for glasses.

Whether you want it or not, chances are your next television will include 3D capability. That does not mean that you have to watch 3D if you don't want to. The 3D element is just a new feature being added to new HDTV’s. If you don’t want to use the 3D features, you don't have to. The functionality can be turned off so you can view programs in 2D if you prefer to.

And, the world of 3D gaming will explode with new choices, and a multitude of new and converted games. The gaming community will likely fuel the integration to 3D into the mainstream household.

Beyond the household market will be innovative marketing introductions. With its ability to stop and retain an audience, the use of 3D in marketing will begin to emerge throughout the community. It has already begun to appear in magazines, television and billboards throughout the country and abroad.